Brief Summary
Fencing to complement the classical Victorian style of the home.
The Project

Built around 1915, this beautiful and grand heritage-listed home in Alberton, needed to be paired with a fence that added the necessary security the owners were seeking whilst complementing the classical Victorian style of the home.

The P72 was the pillar selected to achieve this harmonious marriage of security and design.

The P72 has a base section of 490mm square and can vary in height from 1.5m to 2.3m. This project consisted of a 2.05m tall pillar, a total wall height of 600mm, topped with our standard 280mm wide capping and utilised cast aluminium infill.      

This project was able to be completed to not only emulate the period design of the home but also add a regal splendour to the property.

All Utilised Services
  1. Concrete Columns
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